Mamta, you are taking too many leaves! There is so much work in the kitchen and you are saying you cannot come?’ Mom was upset while talking to our maid on the phone.

While she was on the phone I went to the kitchen. The sink was full of dishes, the platform was dirty, the utensils were all over the place, and a lot more unfinished work I could sense.

And then suddenly I recalled this video I saw as Blogadda’s post on twitter :

And this video I have already seen and even shared with my friends –

It was a perfect time to #ShareTheLoad from my mother and let her enjoy her Sunday while I take good use of the tips above shared by Blogadda.

So I entered the kitchen and examined the area. Firstly, I quickly opened the tap and made sure all the utensils are rinsed properly. I used vinegar to clean off the glass utensils and made sure to handle them very carefully.

I also cleaned up the kitchen platform and arranged already clean dishes properly in the racks. I kept all the stuff at their right places.

It was time to clean the utensils. I took the cleaning gel on the Scrub and began. This task was not as hard as it looked, and since all the dishes were already rinsed, it was a smooth ride for me. I was done in 15 minutes with all the utensils cleaned, washed and rinsed & the sink was empty. I then cleaned the sink with lemon in the washing gel to keep it shining, and then washed my hands properly with lemon based hand wash that gives you cleaner germ free hands with a nice fragrance !

Watch this video –

By the time Mom heard the noises of the vessels and came to kitchen, all the dishes were already done. The kitchen looked clean with all the things like hand towel, lighter, spices box etc at their correct places ! And I also sprayed a little air freshener to give our kitchen a different mood when Mom enters.

‘Did you do this?’ Mom asked in surprise and shock together.
Yes’ I said.
The look on her face was priceless !

My mom was very happy as I have shared her load and helped her in the household chores. She quickly made tea for all of us as the utensils were all available and the workload and stress was so less now for her.

Like this, another Sunday was well spent with Mom by sharing a bit of her load, the best that we sons can do. Cleaning dishes, doing our laundry ourselves, arranging wardrobe, buy groceries etc – these are the smallest and simplest of things a son can do to reduce the burden off our mother’s shoulders.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

What did you do to #ShareTheLoad today?

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