‘Mom, here are all the clothes dried up nice in this scorching sun !’ I brought the heap of clothes on my shoulder and acted tired as if I have brought from miles away whereas I just brought them from terrace hanger !

I just threw all the clothes on the sofa and crashed on the bed. I was hungry. ‘Mom, why don’t you make my favorite Pasta today? Its Sunday and I have helped you in the chores – I did the laundry, the dishes, room cleaning etc, so I need the reward, right?’ My puppy face game was on.

Mom smiled. I felt fishy. Another task maybe? No worries, I was all pumped up !

Mom sat on the sofa and said, ‘Okay, here is a game. I want to see how fast you can fold these clothes. I challenge you to fold all these clothes in 2 minutes ! You do that and you favorite Pasta is on its way, along with you second favorite Cold Coffee !!

I jumped on the bed. Cold Coffee, with Pasta? I already had water in my mouth! But folding something like 20 clothes in 2 minutes? Was that even possible?

‘Not possible Mom ! How can you fold all these clothes in 2 minutes ? Look at those jeans and T-Shirts of mine.’ I was excited but not sure if it was do-able !

‘So, you give up?’ Mom asked tauntingly !

‘No Wait!’ I recalled seeing one of the tweets from BlogAdda where they have given tips of folding clothes quickly. I quickly opened up my twitter and checked it out. Here is the tweet –

I saw the video carefully. It wasn’t tough !

‘Ok, I accept the challenge’. I said confidently.

So it was game time. Mom held the timer and I was on my knees in the best position to quickly fold all the clothes. I kept the T-shirts, shirts, shorts etc on top with jeans below them. Mom said 3,2,1 and Go !

And here I began – I quickly folded my T-shirts first as they took the least time, then the shirts by the technique given above. Then the shorts, vests, towels, socks, napkins and finally the jeans and trousers. When Mom started the countdown I was left with 4 clothes, I quickly jumped and raised my pace. When it was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – I was almost Done! I just managed to finish it in time !!

‘Yayy, I did it !!’ I screamed loudly. Mom stood up and gave me a standing ovation. Dad also smiled and clapped along. Woah, I didn’t knew folding clothes would be this much fun ! Mom patted my back and said, ‘Everything is easy even if you don’t know how to do it, but if you are eager to do it. You learned quickly, and did it. Proud of you !’


I was happy. Because of Mom’s words of encouragement and appreciation, and because my fav Pasta and Coffee were on their way ! And also because I shared Mom’s load of folding the clothes.

Here is the video of the 30 second challenge that I completed. My score was 6. Participate in this campaign and share your score too !

Me & Mom performing the 30 seconds challenge.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

Check out this video –

Isn’t this video eyeopening? It truly is. Share this video and blog with your followers and let every son know the importance of sharing mother’s load. I have done my bit and will continue doing so.

What about you ?

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