Twitter is one of the biggest platforms that connects the world today, making it more than a micro blogging or social media platform. It is a place to have both informed and quirky discussions, and show your knowledge, humor or sarcasm in return. It has also evolved as a popular Meme sharing platform, very close to Instagram.

But basically we love twitter with the epic interactions people have here. Zomato, the popular restaurant review and online ordering platform, asked a simple looking cheesy question “If 2020 was a dish, what would it be?” and with the whole Corona Virus impact in 2020, the people went crazy with their responses !

Here are few of them –

A mean Dish !

This is the most apt dish !

The picture says it all –

Its all about Virus, isn’t it ?

This disgusted us –

A cold answer !

The Masterchef said it :

And our hate for tinde / lauki / tori continues..

Corona Creativity ?

Suryavansham memes are gold.

Who drinks tea with salt?

What are your responses to this question ? Comment below or comment on twitter on this link :

While this whole Covid19 thing has made our 2020 mad, there is such posts that brings out our humor, frustration, sarcasm, creativity, or all together !

Stay Safe !

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