Accept it, We all sometimes get those funny weird thoughts, that actually makes complete sense if you think twice. These are those miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.

These are universally relatable, and finds amusing/interesting within the mundane.

Reddit is a great place where millions of members share their thoughts, and one of the pages called Shower Thoughts have a great collection of these.

I bring you my favorite top 35 such thoughts in this Blog. You can continue reading more here :

Here We Go !

The letter B is P but pregnant

If humanity discovered telepathy it’d probably have pop up ads within 24 hours.

Going to sleep is logging off, and dying is signing out.

Deaf people who uses sign language can technically communicate faster at the speed of light unlike other languages which travels at the speed of sound.

All, tattoos are temporary tattoos in the grand scheme of things.

When you grow plants, they thank you with extra life.

Gaming doesn’t take a lifetime to learn, it takes a childhood.

If you water water it grows in size.

Paper has 6 sides, yet we can only use 2 of them effectively.

Drinking through a straw is the exact opposite of going snorkeling.

The economy is on the verge of collapsing because people are only buying what they need.

The Titanic movie is a romantic love story that also includes thousands of people dying.

Flies entire existence is based around the “why are you hitting yourself” game.

Many mobile games exist just to sell ads for other mobile games.

Accounts with dead users are probably across the internet, and those accounts are what little remains they have.

Staying awake really late at night makes you aware on how much noise you/things around you do.

Given the amount of carnage in Jurassic movies, it’s amazing they still find investors for the parks.

People have been told that using password as a password is predictable to the point it is unpredictable.

Order is chaos in super-slow motion.

If you don’t pay tax and go to jail you’re getting free accommodation.

If you listen to an album on shuffle, you’re ruining the whole experience that was set up by the artist.

Saying little little e sounds exactly like you are saying little Italy.

You are in a stranger’s picture somewhere.

People always use the word “relentless”, but no one ever used the word “relent”.

It’s easier to trust someone who doesn’t trust anyone

At some point, someone from the friend group will bury all of his mates, but none of his mates will bury him.

We can find how deep a person is asleep by tickling them and seeing how much they react

Trying to get broken earbuds to work properly is the modern version of adjusting the antenna to get the TV to work.

Technically all worms are earthworms.

History books are only getting longer as humanity goes on.

Historians in the year 3000 will have to read everyone’s tweets and Insta-stories to understand what happened in the early 21st century.

The Flying Vehicles In Star Wars Go Down When Destroyed Despite Having No Gravity In Space

If human beings become extinct no one will care.

Your subjective viewing of a pin placed inside an onion is an Opinnion

We never hear from people who followed their dreams and it didn’t work out.

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