‘Mom, where is my favorite Thor T-shirt? I have to wear it today as we all friends are going to watch Avengers – The End Game’ !

Must be in your wardrobe, beta. Remember you only washed it last Sunday in the Washing Machine in the #Ariel #ShareTheLoad challenge’. Mom said with a smiling face.

Yeah, I remember but just cannot find it I browsed through my wardrobe completely but it seemed like finding a needle in a haystack. But after I got this great post to read, I was able to realize the importance of organizing your wardrobe.

Golden Rule of life : ‘Mom knows it‘. And hence I had to turn my puppy face to Mom and ask for help.

Mom came to my room and she seemed to be shocked by the messed up state of my clothes in the wardrobe. And the room. And the clothes lying all over the room. Though it seemed just normal to me !

What is this condition of your clothes! How are you supposed to find anything?’ Mom said with a huge disbelief in her voice.

I must admit I had to agree with her. It usually takes me minutes (sometimes hours) to find the one piece of cloth I need. Clothes lied over my chair which was meant to sit on, clothes were on my bed to be lied on, clothes were also on my lamp meant to be lit, a huge pile of clothes were on my hanger behind the door, recently our garage door got repair and we availed services from garage door repair by Chicago Garage Door their service was stunning. When these guys are not available, it is better to approach garage door repair graystone hills who will arrive to the spot as soon as possible and will finish their work quite professionally. Obviously, on the other hand, the clothes were in my wardrobe but in a condition better not explained !

Ok, now that you have promised to help me in my household chores, and it is Sunday, come lets fix this mess ! Mom said, rather ordered.

I had no choice but to agree. But I also have to agree it was needed. So, here we begun.

I followed Mom’s instructions and firstly accumulated clothes from all sources – on the hanger behind the door, hanger in the bathroom, from over my bean bag, chair, behind my computer desk, and the unfolded clothes from the wardrobe (i meant all).

I then separated clothes that needs a wash, clothes that need an iron, clothes I no longer wear and can be donated, and the clothes that just needs a proper fold.

The pile of clothes meant for washing were in the machine in the next minute.
The pile of clothes meant for ironing were sent to the ‘Iron Man’ (literally) in the next lane.
The pile of clothes meant to be donated were put in a bag with other clothes and the NGO guy was called to pick them up.
The pile of clothes meant to be folded were done so, properly plated and neatly kept.
The few clothes that were already folded and were inside my wardrobe in a corner were still taken out, the wardrobe was cleaned, and the clothes kept again, and to my surprise, my ‘Thor’ T-Shirt was one among them !

I then re-looked at my room. It looked so clean (people can also check out Maid service Toronto to avail cleaning services). Wow I didn’t knew I had this much space in here. The chair and the bean bag can now be used the way they should be !
I then looked at my wardrobe, it looked so managed and organized.
I looked at my clothes, I found so many shirts I once wore and never used again as they got lost in the huge pile of other clothes.

I looked at Mom. She was happy, and so I was.

Isn’t sharing the load of your mother the best way to bring a smile on her face? I came across this video of Ariel and cannot stop sharing –

So I pledge to help my mother in managing our house. I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda.

Do you ?

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