Instagram is one of our favorite apps, and it is now more than just a photo sharing platform. It has made a lot of people famous, and a lot of places famous. One such place is Dalat’s Clay Sculpture Tunnel.

If you have seen the above picture on your Instagram timeline, you know what we are talking about.

But if you have not, this place looks so inviting, isnt it ?

Located around 13km from Dalat City, the Clay Tunnel is an interesting place that has more than hundred unique larger than life size structures made of Clay, erected up in a large area that gives you a plenty of photo opportunities.

When to go :
Clay tunnel is a completely open area so the best time would be a non-rainy day, and also preferably a day when sun is not too harsh. See the weather forecast before you plan your trip. If you are still keen to go, carry an umbrella.
Opening time is 8 AM to 5 pm on all days.

How to go :
By flight : Nearest Airport is Dalat Airport DLI, and another major airport near Dalat is in Nha Trang – CXR (3-4 hours away by road).
By train : There is no operating Train Station in Dalat, so nearest will be Nha Trang.
By Bus : Buses are available in plenty from all major cities to Dalat, like from Saigon. The sleeper bus charge from Saigon to Dalat would be around 260k VND for a journey of 6 to 7 hours.
By Cab : If you are in Dalat City, take a Grab Taxi from Arizona Sedan and Limousine that would cost you around 150k VND for a one way trip. Ask the driver and he will happily wait for you to return. It takes less than 30 minutes one way from city center.

Entry Tickets :
Entry ticket per adult is 60k VND, and per child is 40k VND. You can get the tickets at the counter or buy it cheaper online via this link that would cost you 50k VND / Adult.
If you are in a group of 7 – 8 people, use my code T99J3L to Sign up on Klook and get discount of around 80k on the total ticket value.

Time Inside ?
In case you want to know before hand how long you will spend inside so you can plan your day, then let me tell you that it will take a minimum of 1 to 1.5 hours inside including sight seeing and a bit of photography.
Can take longer depending on your interest and the queue at some photo spots.

Little History :
Dalat Clay Tunnel is built next to Tuyen Lam lake and has opened for tourists from 2016. The owner of this Project is Mr. Trinh Ba Dung, a Business from Saigon. These clay structures are made of Basalt mixed with Dark Red Clay that allows the clay to get hard without baking through higher temperatures.

Inside :
Dalat Clay Tunnel is a beautiful area and the moment you enter the premises you are greeted with beautiful natural scenery and clay sculptures of monkeys, elephants, snakes, turtles etc. Move further inside and you get to see huge clay shaped trains, churches, Bikes, Flowers etc. Such sculptures keeps enticing you till its end and leaves you in awe of what clay can do !

Right at the entrance is a huge Dragon around the steps that takes you down inside the clay village. You are welcomed by monkeys doing different actions, then a stream of river passes by and you see snakes, turtles, crocodiles and more.
Pass through the village with houses made of clay, sit on the most gigantic bike you have ever been on, and admire the longest train you’ll ever see. There are many such interesting work of clay that will leave you amazed. At the end of the village is the picture we saw in the starting, the two faces that looks incredible and makes a perfect spot for most amazing Instagram pictures.

Lets look exactly what is inside :

Note :
The Face spot is quite famous so you might have to patiently wait in queue to stand right in the middle of the two faces to get that perfect click.

Inside there is Art, Craft, Nature and even Music. You’ll love it for sure.

Hungry ?
In case you are hungry with so much of walking and pictures, there are a few nice cafes that sells coffee and more. We particularly loved the coffee in ‘Dalat Coffee’ right opposite to the main photo point.

Clay tunnel is an exciting place for everybody to admire what clay can do as it takes clay sculptures to another level. Plan your day, go to the Clay Village, and take those amazing Instagram worthy pictures !

Video :
I have made a small video to give a glimpse of what is inside, enjoy !

Visit the place and leave a comment if you liked it and if you found this post useful. Happy Traveling !

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