“Completed 3.5km today.  300 Calories lost. Not a bad start to the day !” 
I spoke to myself looking at my smart watch while I completed my early morning run. I then took out my smart phone to check the linked app to find that I was right on target of the day and the week. Weight and BMI was in the right range. Things looked good ! The one that I have is on Amazon here. It keeps a track of my calories and I owe my athlete body and good fitness to this app, certainly !


I then reached home and unlocked the gate via my phone, in less than a micro second. The smart security home assistant at the gate works directly via the control of my phone, so the hassle of getting down to open gates is easily skipped. Not just that, the smart security camera helps us know the visiting guests and keep threats at bay ! Get one for your home from Amazon from here.

sec camera

“Whats the news today, Alexa?”
Alexa, my Personal Digital Assistant spoke to me the news of my interest while I ate fruits and cereals, just the right breakfast to keep the calories in check.  Not just news, but music, information and more entertaining stuff is all there in this coolest gadget ever ! Find Amazon Alexa Echo Dot exclusively on Amazon on this link.
Also, its important to eat and stay in shape at the same time, thanks to the smart fitness app that tells me exactly what my body needs and should get.

I came home after a long day at work and needed a good rest. The smart light installed in the living room worked just as expected and I set to a soothing tone to calm the senses. Check out the link to this exciting product on Amazon here.

I then quickly went to my kids room and honestly the mess in the room wasn’t a surprise as I have been watching them all day via smart baby monitors installed in the room. I of course saved myself from any parent’s anxiety on their kids well being while they are away ! Here is the link to the Baby Monitor that I have brought from Amazon.

We are all surrounded by smart gadgets. These not just make our lives simpler but more efficient, so we can find time to do the things we love. As a tech enthusiast, tech developer and tech preacher, I recommend everyone to use these gadgets, make the most of them, and add new dimensions in our daily lives to lead to smart living.

Smart Gadgets are slowly becoming an integral part of our lives. I use all of them in some way or the other and I am sure most of you too, and its time to adapt to these new technologies and be smarter, literally !

So its time to Get Fit and join in the #SmartHomeRevolution that Amazon has brought in India that truly commendable ! Lets together build the nation when every home uses Smart Home solutions to simplify mundane tasks with a click.

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