We all have ways to deal with quarantine, right ? Some are busy preparing for Next Masterchef, some got Netflix and chill, and few googling what to do !

This Twitter user Sun Tzilla made the best of the Quarantine and watched all the MCU Movies. This sounds fair until you read his take on each of the Super Heroes, and what will crack you up is how he savagely trolls each one of them !

Nobody was spared. I repeat, nobody !

Read on :

1. Captain America

This has been said before too, but, alas, is true !

2. Captain Marvel

She was taking care of other planets. How many times are we going to have this debate?

3. Hulk

Still, Hulk is Ever’Green’ !

4. Thor

If some maniac from space brought a giant space army and there was a chance the world could end I Don’t think I would call my girlfriend either !

5. Loki

Loki…??? A hero….??

6. Iron Man

I think Batman wishes he was iron Man !

7. Black Panther

Wakanda analysis is this?

8. Black Widow

I think she’s a combo of beauty, guts & brains. The only human to tame the Incredible Hulk. Turned the green monster into jelly !

9. Hawk Eye

Dude Actually got a point !

10. Nick Fury

You’ll know your role when he let’s you know your role. He’d probably curse you into work !

11. Doctor Strange

Dr Strange just being Strange.

12. Gamora

a soul for a soul? did you forget?

13. Peter Quill

No, seriously he’s got some great classic songs on that playlist.

14. Groot

Groot is smart. He remains silent coz he knows many words can get you in trouble. Be like Groot.

15. Rocket

Rocket and Groot getting the respect they deserve. I liked it.

16. Ant Man

That idea is not impractical at all. Infact, Seeing someone die like that, imagine all the heroes and villains fight clenching their butt muscle !

17. Thanos

He is a Socialist or a Republican ?
But the main question is : Was Thanos really a villain?

18. Falcon

Really proud of him for doing the black community proud. They’re gunning for the James Bond and Batman next.

19. Wanda

Android users are going mad over this. But he called Vision a Red MBP? Dude is an Acer Aspire to perspire !

20. Spiderman

Yup. I thought after 8 films they would have something better to do than go through puberty….. again!

After this hilarious take on our superheros, twitter is going crazy with around 100K likes on this post ! Also twitterati is asking him to now do the same for other movies like Harry Potter, Twilight, Justice League and more !

But this Twitter user rightly said in the end : “The key workers whether you work in a shop, or drive public transport or are in the hospital you are the real heroes.”

Indeed this was a great satire and hilariously appropriate, however, nothing can take our love away for MCU. We love you 3000 !

23 thoughts on “Dude watched all MCU movies in Quarantine and his Analysis will crack you up !

  1. I am watching a lot during these quarantine days but never tried to watch again a MCU movies since the last year. You have a nice and funny analysis.

  2. Omg this guy dropped some truth bombs lol I loved the one about Spiderman, was thinking the same just yesterday

  3. Now the statement really make sense. Every looks of the movie will spell out different style of how its captured in the cinema. Thanks letting us know your thoughts

  4. I love Marvel and all the movies they’ve done so far.
    This dude really has a job of watching the movies – wow, so cool.

  5. I am watching a lot of Netflix movies as we undergo the pandemic quarantine.By the way, you have fun personal comments here. Lol!

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